The Medication..

I gather the notion that I am a dangerous paranoid schizophrenic has been put into circulation again. I presume that’s designed to dissuade people from associating with me. Never gets old. I believe this has something to do with the medication I’m on although how that comes to be public knowledge will no doubt remain a mystery.

I have not been diagnosed with that condition and I do not have a history of violence. The medication are the ‘happy’ pills I’ve referred to in previous posts. It is used to treat a variety of conditions, including schizophrenia. You should know , however, that both psychiatrists I have seen in the last twelve months have specifically ruled out schizophrenia as a condition.  A mental health assessment is ongoing. The recent Asperger’s diagnosis was part of that assessment apparently.

I was first offered this medication by a psychiatrist at the crisis team back in December. He was of the view that there were some paranoid/persecutory delusions going on.

This stems from the lack of corroborating evidence to support my claims that one person has been the  prime mover and chief co-ordinator of a public vendetta using word-of-mouth and social media networks.

That vendetta over the last twelve months is a well know fact to the local pub community and beyond. I’ve stated most of this publically back in December.  I was largely indifferent to the notion of the prescription but went along with it to keep the peace in the clinic and at home. They are useful for regulating sleep.

I am not a paranoid schizophrenic as has repeatedly been shot down over the last twelve months by people who are qualified to make those calls. The persecution orchestrated by a few and echoed by many has been very real as many know.

This stalking and persecution has been ongoing. There aren’t  any delusions and therefore the case for mental illness does not exist.

I’m not going to waste my time asking people to come forward with what they know about all this. Been there; done that.

At present, therefore,  this is heading for a wrong diagnosis which will ,no doubt, delight some people.

That says more about what lies in their own hearts than it does about the alleged problems inside my head.





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