Psychiatrist letter

I asked the psychiatrist to send me a summary of his notes and an outline of what they were treating me for. I’ve not spoken directly to psychiatrist but he has offered feedback via the caseworker and sent me a copy of the last letter he sent to my GP upon which the current care is based.  That letter, he says, outlines what I asked for.  I have also been sent a copy of the care plan.

Psychiatrist letter

There is nothing in those notes that talks about being attracted to children or a threat to them. Nor is the anything about that in the care plan.

I have redacted some bits in both documents in order to protect the identity of those referred to generally or because the allegations against others are unsubstantiated. Those in the know on the latter point will find it easy enough to fill in the blanks.

Care plan – May 2015

The psychiatrist letter also contains confirmation of the ASD diagnosis. There was, I believe, a falsified report circulated sometime ago claiming to prove otherwise. I published the actual report that was issued to me and my GP which, in contrast, strongly recommended testing for ASD. This was subsequently done and the diagnosis was given. Those that continue to try and suggest otherwise are guilty of the worst kind of bullying. Those responsible are well aware of the fact that the diagnosis has been fully documented, with five pages of diagnostic metrics, by an NHS approved clinical psychologist in accordance with gold standard NICE guidelines for this type of assessment. The confirmation letter was published last year and is re-published below. 

ASD diagnosis confirmation.

I think one of the issues is that the mental health team, be it the psychiatrist or the caseworker, do not believe that my medical records may have been accessed and therefore do not see the need to go any further in what they have already said. Their position is that none of this stuff has actually been happening.  There has, allegedly, never.been any evidence or corroboration from members of the public to support my claims on these matters. That’s a sadness.

There is nothing, as far as the psychiatrist is concerned, that indicates an interest in  or a threat  to minors. Likewise there is no threat of self-harm or harm to others. Some of that is reiterated in these notes. The planned increase in the dosage of medication never took place

There is no evidence of illegal access to my notes/letters or publishing of the same ,as far as they are concerned, and claims to the contrary are just another persecutory delusion that should not be pandered to. I’m awaiting informal access to the notes.

Like I said before, if you are upset or bothered by anything that has been circulated by social media or word-of-mouth recently then report the matter to Lancashire Police on 101 and I will do my best to follow it up.




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