Lives off his mother…..rubbish.

I gather the latest one that they are putting around is that he lives off his mother. I say latest but this is a marvelous example of recycling old rubbish. Didn’t realise they were so environmentally conscious.

Actually, the online accountancy and bookkeeping work has grown exponentially since the beginning of May following a successfully advertising campaign in the appropriate markets. I’ve never been busier. I’m now picking up one or two new clients a week.Each one is always alot of extra work until the routines are established and the backlog cleared.

I’m not publishing any more bank statements. Been there and done that. Its none of your business. Its none of their business and the usual suspects can whistle dixie as much as they like. The ones I put up earlier are below:

Bank statement 1

Bank statement 2

Bank statement 3

They profess to know things about which they know nothing and that has been exposed more than once on this blog and on Facebook before it.





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