False claims of paranoid schziophrenia…


Copy of assessment by a psychiatrist ruling out schizophrenia and dismissal of other ‘wild claims’ by the usual suspects on this matter.

Copy again of the letter confirming ASD with a quote taken from it

I have never the subject of a legitimate diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia. This is a deliberately vicious story that ‘they’ started to circulated in February 2013 in order to frighten people in my village and as part of their long-running campaign to dispel the notion of Autistic Spectrum Disorder. There is a belief, in some camps, that the two conditions cannot co-exist.  I gather they are also claiming that this so-called diagnosis is being withheld from me. That’s not the case either.

In continuing to push this story they are attempting to overrule the clinical diagnosis of the medical professionals who have looked at this specifically and in the broader context. It is also the worst form of scaremongering.

For one thing, it would be unethical for the psychiatrist and caseworker to withhold such diagnosis. Second, you are not talking about withholding a diagnosis. You are talking about a psychiatrist/case worker deliberately lying to their patient. They will claim that that can be done if the professionals feel the knowledge would represent a threat of harm to the patient or members of the public. I have no history of violence; I have never been referred due to violent behavior and the risk of self-harm is continually monitor.There would no grounds for withholding such information.

Finally, they have overlooked the fact that I have been granted full access to my medical notes going back to the very first session in 2013. The doctors can withhold access if those notes contain knowledge  that they consider potentially harmful to the patient.  They have not withheld or restricted my access.

The issue has been specifically looked at clinically three times over the last  two years and specifically ruled out in writing. I’ve have copies of some of those assessment on file and published them at the time as the perpetrators of these smears well know. One of them is reproduced below. They are again relying on the fact that people have hazy memories or were not around for these smears the first time round.

An initial assessment by a psychiatric nurse in June 2013 ruled out schizophrenia and recommended testing for ASD. The following, on the other hand,  is taken from the report prepared by one of the psychiatrists I’ve seen.:

I explained to Adrian that I do not think he is suffering from schizophrenia. However, he has developed complex.….”  Link to Psychiatric assessment 26/12/2013

The above view was subsequently endorsed by my current psychiatrist last year and there has not been any grounds to revisit the issue as far as he is concerned. It does not form part of my care plan which was published a couple of weeks ago. See here for those that need reminding

This is the one ‘they’ cannot stand:

“.… I gave you a diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Condition as you fit the criteria as laid out in the DSM 5 for this condition. Formerly you would have been diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome , and……. it tells others you are of average or above average in intelligence and that you have topics at which you excel with your knowledge

 July 2014 – Confirmation of diagnosis of ASD by the clinical psychologist

This accusation of paranoid schizophrenia is absolutely the most sinister and callous form of BS these bunch of vicious malcontents have concocted over the last two years. They are, quite simply, lying about it to scare people, discredit me and keep folk distracted from their wrongdoing.

If you are distressed or upset by anything you’ve been hearing on social media or pushed out by word of mouth on this matter in particular then report it to Lancashire Police on 101 and I will do my best to follow it up.


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