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Old story, from two years ago, regarding so-called evidence of child porn on my computer  that has been rehashed and recirculated to distract folk from the wrong-doing over alleged letters/medical notes.

Arguments that the no action was taken because the so-called evidence was inadmissible are null and void. Police were offered the hard drives and a free search of my property without the need of for a warrant. Did ‘they’ forget to mention that bit?

Arguments that no action was taken because the files were removed from the computer before the Police could get to them are also null and void. Police have forensic computer specialist that could have  determined when files were created or copied to a hard drive and recover any files that were deleted. They do that kind of work all the time.

Arguments that no action can be taken due to the Mental Health Act is ignorance. Police can interview anyone receiving treatment by mental health professionals as long as there is an appropriate adult present. You can look that one up yourself on the internet.

Suggestion that I am some kind of dangerous paranoid schizophrenic is utter nonsense and has been specifically ruled out by three different medical professionals on three separate occasions in the last two years including two, fully qualified, psychiatrists.They are just blowing smoke to keep people distracted.

(Shorter version of the original post in an attempt at brevity – fuller version here)

I hear rumors to the effect that someone has published a list of what they claim is kiddie porn on my computer.  I’ve been even more withdrawn from public than usual since May and I’ve not always been quick to pick-up on these tales or even sure of what I am hearing. I’ve also, quite frankly,  been reluctant to get draw back into this smear campaign.  It is a level of malice I have never encountered before and its been going on for over two years.

This story, if its the one I think it is,  was first put about back in September 2013 and subsequent months so people should not be laboring under the illusion that this is some ‘shocking’ new discovery. Ok, lets go there – again.

This is a story of many interconnected moving parts which basically boils down a group of local people combining forces to do their best to utterly destroy someone in their community and drive them out. Some of these characters are well-known for their malice, harassment and thuggery and have the court appearances to prove it. Others  were looking to settle past grudges or perceived grievances. It’s called ‘mobbing’ and has been amplified by the use of social media. This, however, is way beyond the odd snide remark as will become evident.

I’ve been over the fact that there is no child porn on my computer and I have no more interest in such things that the next person. A fact that the mental health team has acknowledged that more than once. Indeed, I  find those kind of attractions as incomprehensible as anyone-else. I’ve also been over the fact that many files circulating on the internet are often renamed and are not indicative of their content as anyone whose ever messed with internet porn will know.  Whether people believe that or not is irrelevant as will soon become apparent.

I gather the usual suspects have been chipping away against the above in anticipation of what I will say. Not surprising. Like I said, all this was said two years ago so they’ve had plenty of time to brow-beat people about it and they are more adept at getting their message across than me.

I also gather they claim that  the Police have informed them that all those files were kiddie porn. That’s rubbish. If the Police had a problem with the files that were on my computer then that is a conversation that  they  would have been having  with me and not with anyone-else. It is not something proper Police would or should be saying to a third party civilian. I made that point at the time and I make it again now. I’m sure proper Police have their own spokespersons and do not need any help from civilians. Ring them up and ask them. Lancashire Police 101. I don’t understand how any civilian can claim to be speaking on the authority of a Police Force.

I put in a complaint to the Police about harassment from certain characters in my village That complaint included illegal access to medical records as well as prowling around my property. I claimed that some of those characters subsequently got into my house by way of retaliation. They will claim they got into my house in order to search for evidence of child porn. I’m not sure; if that was the case,  what role the dog that was made to defecate in one of my rooms had  in that search ,or for that matter, what they had hoped to find in my mother’s bedroom.

I turn now to the argument that nothing was done about this so called child porn on my computer because it was inadmissible evidence.

That argument is null and void. I contacted local Police, in writing, and gave them permission to search my premises. I also offered the hard-drives to the Police so that they could inspect the contents either in situ or by virtue of me dropping it off  at the Police station. I made it clear that they did not need a warrant.  I also made this publically know at the time. A fact that I’m sure my antagonists conveniently ‘forgot’ to mention this time round.

Some of them claimed,at the time, that there was little point in the Police conducting such a search since any ‘evidence’ would have long been destroyed before they got to it. That’s total nonsense. The Police have computer forensic specialists that can recover deleted files and determine when files were created/copied to a harddrive. They do that kind of work all the time with fraud investigations and the like. I had no way of knowing what so called evidence others claim to have about the files on my computer but the Police were more than welcome to cross-check any of those files against any of so called lists and inspect the contents accordingly.

The Police investigated my complaint and told me that there was no evidence to support my claim of a break-in. They also subsequently confirmed , in writing,   that they had no evidence of anyone ever  having been inside my house. I’m not saying they weren’t there. I am saying that the Police stated that they do not have any evidence of it. There wasn’t anything more I could do to clear this matter up. Nobody was prepared to come forward with what they knew and those that tried were allegedly threatened.The Police never took me up on either offer.

I turn now to the notion being put about, more recently,  that the Police are/were unable to do anything about this matter because of the Mental Health Act.

The notion that the Police can’t go near the issue of what they claim to  have been on my computer because of the Mental Healh Act is also rubbish. The Police can interview people who are covered by the Mental Health as long as there is an appropriate adult present. That’s even more twaddle being put about by the usual suspects. You can look that one up yourself on the internet.

I speak now about the ‘suggestion’ that I am some kind of dangerous paranoid schziophrenic

These claims have been ruled out on three separate occasions in the last two years by properly qualified medical personal. That includes two different psychiatrists. It includes the present one. It is utter nonsense that has been repeatedly shot down and they know it. 

It was a so-called ‘diagnosis’ in 2013 made by one of the locals ,connected to the usual suspects, who had professed to be a psychologist. That person was subsequently found to be primary school teacher. I have no history of violence towards anyone, even as a younger man. It’s just scaremongering in an effort to alienate  people and increase the isolation. It has been resurrected because certain folk cannot stand to be proved wrong with what they’ve been  saying and cannot tolerate the notion of any support for those they are targeting.

It is also yet another attempt by this group of  malcontents to dispel the diagnosis of ASD. Their views are not supported clinically by the medical professionals I’m seeing. I’ve published reports, more than once, to dispel these lies.  It is deeply a deeply malicious, spiteful and vindictive thing to be spreading about. Makes you wonder who it is that should be seeing a psychiatrist.

I have removed a section from the original post that described how an NHS ‘insider’ tampered with my medical records because that information was being misrepresented by others.

That alone is one of the most truly sinister and evil things I believe someone has ever done to another person. They’ve deliberately tried to get someone labelled as mentally ill in order to pursue their harassment with impunity and dissuade the Police from looking too closely. It has made it virtually impossible to speak to the Police about these matters and the perpetrators know that

I’m not interested in the lager-fueled edicts of  the kangaroo courts manipulated by a bunch of bully-mouths and their lackeys and neither should you be. Those kangaroo courts and the wannabe vigilantes should never be allowed to replace the justice system in this country or its Police Force. They’ll be hanging muslims from the lampposts by the end of the week were that to happen.

Is this really where we are heading in this age of  ‘click-and-brick’ cyber bullying. You push the accusation out on social media and then mobilise helpers to enforce a three-line whip on the word-of-mouth that follows regardless of the truth or the facts?

Like I said before, I have never been interviewed, questioned, cautioned, charged or convicted  of any sexual offenses.  The fact of the matter is that these claims have only ever been subject to the scrutiny of well-orchestrated bar-room rants  or  the check-out gossips. These claims do not stand-up to much stress testing.

We must never loose sight of the fact that  the people in this country are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty by a proper court of law. Else-wise you have mob-rule led by a bunch of wannabe vigilantes, no matter their station in life, and the ‘know-alls’ who know all about nothing. That is a slippery slope to anarchy and the law of the jungle. Don’t stand for it.

A few weeks back all the talk was about the alleged letter from the Commissioner. A letter he denies all knowledge of. That didn’t hold up to much scrutiny and so they are keen for people to forget about that. All the talk then shifted to what the Psychiatrist is alleged to have said. That didn’t survive much stress testing either so now they ‘re want everybody  to forget about that and shift to these stories of kiddie porn. How many more times are they going to move the goalposts?

Like I’ve said before, if you are concerned or upset by anything that has been appearing on social media since May or being disseminated by word of mouth then report the matter to Lancashire Police on 101 and I will do my best to follow it up. 


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