Surprisingly, there is still no response from Lancashire Police regarding the subject access request issued last month. This was respect to records of any complaints they had on file or in archive from members of the public.


Police/Psychiatric Notes

Word back from Lancashire Police acknowledging my request for information about complaints from members of the general public. This is with respect to complaints about the alleged letter fromthe Police Commissioner and psychiatric notes. I can expect to hear back, one way or the other, by the 13th September.

i’ve had the first session going through the psychiatric notes. There are a number of inaccuracies in some areas which I have to write to them about. I’ll speak more about those another time. The only references to this pedophile allegation I have come across so far is where I’ve been telling case workers/psychiatrist what the usual suspects had done and were claiming.

The case worker, who was present, has again reiterated the point that there is nothing in my notes that support such an allegation.


Abuse/Neglect of Mother

I gather the usually suspects have been putting it about that I am abusing my mother. I’m not sure what so called ‘evidence’ that they are citing for this but this again is re-run of the smear campaign from two years ago.

I hope by now people have come to realise that all these shock horror stories are simply deeply personal and malicious attacks on me from people who enjoying exercising social control over other people and who do not like being gainsaid. They’re just moving the goal-post ever other week to keep the pressure up in the hope that I will drop my pursuit of actionable evidence of this harassment and stalking.

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Police Records/Psychiatric Notes

No news on the Police logs. Good news on the notes. They’ve manage to sort the computer issue at and my first session with the notes has been arranged for next Thursday afternoon. Not sure how much will be gone through but it’s underway.

Car return from its ‘holiday’ at the Garage as well – don’t ask :)


Pyschiatric Notes

I have met with a psychiatrist¬† for something of an annual review and following concerns expressed by nearest and dearest. Not going to bore people with the details. Alot of talk about what’s been happening, the lack of evidence to back it up and medications. I did ask if there was anything in my notes that indicated he or his colleagues suspected me to be a pedophile. He said no. Nothing at all.

I’ve yet to start accessing the notes myself but have reminded the relevant parties who were present of my intent to do so.

RSM, CoE, OS, KoR.