Abuse/Neglect of Mother

I gather the usually suspects have been putting it about that I am abusing my mother. I’m not sure what so called ‘evidence’ that they are citing for this but this again is re-run of the smear campaign from two years ago.

I hope by now people have come to realise that all these shock horror stories are simply deeply personal and malicious attacks on me from people who enjoying exercising social control over other people and who do not like being gainsaid. They’re just moving the goal-post ever other week to keep the pressure up in the hope that I will drop my pursuit of actionable evidence of this harassment and stalking.

I care deeply about my mother. She is the one of the few people that has always stood by me – no matter what – throughout my life. The notion that I would be in any way abusing her is designed to inflict the maximum possible hurt on me both mentally and publically. It is a claim that not only has no substance but was exposed as a total lie a couple of years ago. Those re-circulating the tale are relying on people being new to the allegation or having forgot the travesty of this tale from the first time round.

Some people will say, in derogatory terms, that I have a funny way of showing it. Who are they to judge? What business is it of theirs in the first place? These people no nothing about me or my relationship with my mother other than the spiteful malice that they have been spoon-fed.

If they are doing what I think they are doing then they would have put into circulation photographs alleging showing my mothers living conditions. I had neglected aspects of the property that we jointly own and said as much at the time. I outlined steps I had taken to correct the matter and that is still ongoing.

The decor, however, that had been neglected were the rooms that I occupy – not my mother.The perpetrators knew that full well. Indeed if the bragging is true, one of them had seen me sleeping in one of the rooms when he came prowling round my property late at night. They lied to you then and they are lying to you now.

I published a series of photographs taken of the inside of my house showing the rooms my mother actually lived in and the progess with the redecorating of others in the house. Things have moved on abit since then. For the record and for those the insist on knowing. We are in a stat of flux at present. I’m taking the top floor of the house in order to move my mother entirely downstairs which will give her all of the ground floor bar one and the shared utilities. We are waiting on a carpet for what was the back-room in order to complete the turning of that room into her sewing room. That room was gutted and redecorated in May/June after a garden shed was put in to take some its contents. My ‘den’ on the ground floor becomes her bedroom after it too has been redecorated which is why most of the furniture from that room was recently tossed out.

So those that carefully noted the contents of the skip that was seen leaving my property a couple of weeks ago and made assumptions about what was happening got it wrong -


These people know absolutely nothing about my living arrangements and have blatantly lied about these things in past to other people. These matters are absolutely none of their business.I’m not publishing photographs past or present. I have to respect my mother’s right to privacy even if I am content to show and tell. I have sibilings who are in regular contact with their mother and would act in they felt she was coming to any harm as would the mental health caseworker. It is utter nonsense. Its another one of their fabrications to try an increase the ‘hate and dispise’ factor whilst I continue to pursue actionable evidence of their stalking and harassment.

This constant invasion by these antagonists and their groupees into the privacy of our lives is upsetting other members of my family and the very person they claim to be expressing concern for. Their crocodile tears aren’t fooling anyone. We were by nature, private people until the malcontented holier-than-thou brigade decided otherwise. That makes what they’ve been doing all more galling.  The right has been law in this country since 1998 even if you leave aside the criminal breeches of the data protection act that I claim to have taken place.

Like i said at the start, i do not know the specifics of what they are complaining about. I do know the relationship between me and my mother and our lives is none of their business. Those issues that I am aware of are now being addressed through Cognitive Behavior Therapy and the first of those sessions are next week. Again; none of their business.

I know my mother and other members of my family would be deeply upset if I was to republish those photos so I won’t.I will have to rely on the people who remember the outrage this provoked the first time round to put the record straight.


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