Neighbours First, Voters Second

There are those ‘opportunists’ who are seeking to exploit the divisions that the referendum revealed to pursue long cherished ambitions or old hurts. They see the Brexit result as a sign of great division in the UK and national weakness. Elements of the Spanish government are now calling for immediate joint sovereignty over Gibraltar. Sinn Fein want a vote in Ulster for a united Ireland and the SNP have started campaigning for a second referendum. There’s a petition seeking to exploit the 100,000 rule and MP sentiment to force a re-run of the referundum and a ground swell in London that wants London to break away from the rest of the UK. We also have the run on the pound and the crash in the UK share prices. Black Friday,  as it is being referred too.

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Update : Police deny information held…

I finally, this day, received a reply to the subject access request that was issued back in August. This was with respect to logs of complaint from the public regarding the alleged publishing of psychiatric notes and an alleged  existence letter from the Police and Crime Commissioner that was also supposedly published by third parties.


“From information provided in your application and the inquiries made I can confirm that  Lancashire Constabulary does not hold any information relating to you”

I find that response totally unacceptable and will pursue the matter by other means including the fact that this response has taken three months to be made.

Link to the letter



Other driver in the car crash from May has pleaded guilty to dangerous driving, no insurance, and driving other in accordance with licence. Adjourned for sentencing

Other matter is pending




No response at all from Lancashire Police. Sent another email requesting some kind of reply to my FOI/subject access requests. Now taking the matter under advise.




No reply from Lancashire Police re. request to review their decision under FOI.

They have been in touch regarding the car accident though and will be calling round for a statement about that.

RSM, CoE, KoR, OS,



There’s been no response from Lancashire Police to the subject access request. I have contacted them again and asked for a review of the decision not to supply information under the Freedom of Information Act.

RSm, CoE, KoR, OS